Introducing...Li'l (little) Alma

We would like you to meet our alive matrix hummingbird guide - Li'l Alma. The name is a combination of the first two letters of alive and matrix: al-ma. Alma in Spanish and Portuguese means 'soul'. Our greatest desire is to develop a business with soul.

Why a Hummingbird?

Hummingbirds are unlimited and free - they can fly up, down, backwards, forwards are also able to hover at a standstill for long periods of time. They can fly at amazing speed and out-maneuver any predator.

When in flight their wings form the infinity symbol, and they move so fast they are almost invisible.

In American Indian folklore the Hummingbird is the highest revered animal along with the Eagle signifying Joy which is heart centred and connected to the soul.

The Butterfly is the symbol of transformation and movement into freedom from a cocoon into flight. Our hummingbird is the higher evolution of the butterfly; or higher octave if you like as everything has a resonance or frequency. Even the name humming bird relates to resonance in the form of music or sound. The higher the resonance - the higher the perspective, and the more freedom, refinement and limitlessness - the more alive.

We at alive matrix have a mission to build the attributes of the Hummingbird into our business: a high perspective, limitlessness, flexibility, freedom, and heart.

Who are we?

alive matrix is a world class company which sells life-enhancing products around the globe exclusively by way of direct sales through an international network of motivated independent agents, who believe in the products and inspire enthusiasm amongst their customers.

alive matrix takes pride in its highly trained agents, managers and staff and is constantly seeking to expand into new markets.

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Mission Statement

We are a global family committed to nourishing & delighting everyone we serve

Our Vision

To fulfill the need for financial freedom, health and belonging for our members and their families, through caring in an innovative and revolutionary way, with integrity

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